FSN offers a variety of different subscription packages and broadcast contracts. Whether you’re working for one of the world’s largest television networks, or smallest web-based radio stations, FSN has content and live production facilities that can help connect your audience with the rest of the world.

So let’s pick the right FSN service for you:



TV broadcasters around the world benefit daily from FSN’s live and pre-packaged news reports. Our correspondents and production teams are uniquely able to follow your news agenda on the international stage.

Our FSN LIVE service can also connect your Master Control Room with our global network of studios and live mobile news deployments. Our FSN LIVE Decoder requires 7 mbps of dedicated bandwidth to connect your studio to all of ours.

Pricing: Details upon application.

For a free demo and trial of FSN LIVE, please contact us at info@featurestory.com



If you have your own newsroom, and are looking to supplement your local/national content with FSN's international material, try our constantly updated FSN World News Feed.

From our password-protected site, you’ll get dozens of 35 second voicers, wraps and actuality cuts designed to be incorporated into your own station’s hourly news bulletins.

You can also access our longer-form, single subject news reports, perfect for your morning and afternoon drive-time broadcasts. FSN correspondents can also make live appearances during round-the-clock news programmes.

Pricing: Details upon application.



No newsroom of your own but  seeking to add hourly news coverage to your station's output?  FSN's Anchored News Bulletins are updated multiple times daily and delivered as automation-friendly .mp3 audio streams.  You can sample our latest news bulletins below.

We offer three commercial-free versions of FSN’s Anchored News Bulletins:

  • 30 second news headlines

  • 3 minute news bulletin

  • 5 minute news bulletin, including daily “FSN Spotlight” module.

Pricing: Full access to all three broadcasts, bundled together, costs US$ 15 per radio station per month. See Q&A below for more information.

FSN HEADLINES - 30 seconds per hour
© Feature Story USA Corporation

FSN BULLETIN - 3 minutes per hour
© Feature Story USA Corporation

FSN WORLD NEWS - 5 minutes per hour
© Feature Story USA Corporation

FSN Anchored News Bulletins are available from Sunday at 2359 GMT until Friday at 2359 GMT.  At weekends, our "Week in Review" modules replace the 3-minute and 5-minute newscasts.

-- are FSN’s Anchored News Bulletins automation-friendly?   Yes, FSN's Anchored News Bulletins work with all major automation systems.  Ask us for more information.

-- is the price really only USD 15 per month?  Yes, provided you are an internet-only, Part 15, community or hospital radio station you can programme all three versions of our Anchored News Bulletins for one low monthly price.  All other stations, contact us for pricing.

-- I’m running a larger radio station. How much will FSN’s Anchored News Bulletins cost?  Contact us for pricing information.

-- do FSN’s Anchored News Bulletins contain any commercials or underwriting?   No, FSN’s Anchored News Bulletins are always provided completely free of commercial and/or underwriting announcements. Stations are at liberty to sell their own inventory or underwriting around the news bulletins.

-- how often are FSN Anchored News Bulletins updated?  We update several times a day as the news develops and our bulletins are anchored from a variety of our global bureaus.  Stations are encouraged to download our audio at 55 minutes past each hour to ensure airing our most recent news update.

To subscribe to FSN’s Anchored News Bulletins  -- and make payment via credit card -- use the interactive order form below.  

Please contact FSN at info@featurestory.com for other billing options, including payments by PayPal.

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